Book Your Next Sales Meeting at a Local Restaurant

Meetings can be a powerful tool to the success of many businesses. Choosing the location of your next sales meeting is just as important as the content of the meeting itself. Whether you have monthly sales meetings or this is the first one, you want your meeting to leave a lasting impression. A restaurant can be a great location to have your next meeting. A fun causal environment with killer content can be just the trick needed to push your company to the next level. Check out the tips below for choosing the right restaurant.

Quiet Atmosphere

While Karaoke night may sound like fun, it would be hard to hold a serious meeting in this type of environment. You want to choose a restaurant that has a semi quiet ambiance to it. While it doesn’t need complete silence, a nice balance is a sure fire way to creating a productive meeting.

Intimate Setting

This can be tricky. You don’t want tables that are too close together, but you need all the attendees to hear what the speaker is saying. Try a restaurant that has a separate private dining area. Some restaurants have a meeting room located within them. This can cost extra or can be provided complimentary. The key is to create a setting where you will have the attendees full attention.

Food Choices

Who doesn’t love good food? You want to choose a restaurant with a variety of food choices. Buffets are a good example of this. First, everyone can choose what kind of food they like. Plus, they won’t be stuck having to order from a menu (wasted time). Good food and great content can give you the results you are looking for.

Good Service

Good service is important to having a GREAT meeting. If the service is bad, then you are going to have a tough time keeping the full attention of your attendees. You want to choose a restaurant that has a professional staff that you count on to keep a low profile.  Here is the type of service you want to look for.

Price is Important

While this may not be something you initially consider, its worth thinking about. Unless the meal is paid for by the company, you want to make sure that people can afford it. No one wants to attend a meeting that has a $100 meal attached to it. They will only be thinking about the meal costs! Choose a restaurant that has a happy hour or one that gives a discount for large groups.

Make your next sales meeting a productive one. Most sales meetings are not something people look forward to attending. But, choosing a restaurant to host your next meeting can be a nice change to encourage the listening of your employees. While the meeting may not go exactly as you planned, you are sure to get the attention on your attendees by choosing the right restaurant. Don’t hold another boring meeting where nothing gets accomplished. Trying booking a meeting at a local restaurant.