How to Sell Your Products to a Restaurant Chain

The success of your company is certainly propelled by how often you supply your products to the different chains of stores and in this case the restaurant chain. When supplying your products to a restaurant chain, you will have to convince the purchasers in order for you to gain their confidence. For them to be convinced, you should make a proper presentation of your products and follow certain basic guiding principles. Your main focus should be giving offers that benefit the purchasers. This way, you stand a chance of conducting sale of your products to the restaurants.

How to Sell Your Products to a Restaurant Chain


1. Familiarize yourself with the restaurant.

Details about the restaurant are crucial when selling your product. Find out the type of customers they have, the kinds of food offered, their specialty, any special food offered, what utensils they use including many more features. The restaurant owners are likely to purchase products from those who acknowledge even the smallest details about the restaurant.

2. List restaurants according to your anticipation.

Do your research deeply and carefully to find out the restaurants that suit your product before approaching the owners. You can do this by checking on the restaurants’ website or eat out there to get their menu. This ensures no much time is wasted. Different restaurants require different qualities and different volumes of product depending on their customers.

3. Use social media for communication.

Social media is mostly relied on by large restaurants. This is where they communicate with their suppliers to make transactions. However, small restaurants are relying on telephone calls and emailing to make business deals with the suppliers. Making a personal connection with the restaurant owners gives you an added advantage of being their trusted supplier.

4. Always carry samples of your product.

When the restaurant owner sees and touches the actual product, there is a chance that you might strike a deal and increase your chances of selling the product. You can still prepare the samples to show them what your product will contribute to their business.

5. Make decisions on who should distribute your products to the restaurants; either distribute the products yourself or hire a licensed distributor.

6. Ensure you decide on the wholesale price that benefits both you in making profits and the restaurant owners in maintaining their margins. High prices risk a chance of supplying your products to the restaurants.

7. For a start, you can begin supplying your products to the local restaurants for you to gain that experience needed to boost your product presentation.

There are no limitations to food products and drink products in restaurants. There are also kitchen utensils supplies, clothing supplies for the chefs and those who operate at the front, cleaning equipment supplies and counseling services offered by various companies. All these services offer a boost in the performance of both the supplier and purchaser businesses.